BarxBuddy: Having a pet dog is like having a furry friend who is around you forever. Dogs not only bring us comfort and add pleasure to our everyday lives, but these cute and adorable beings also come with a lot of responsibilities. If you are a new dog parent, you know about the struggles of training your friend, managing the random barking rounds at odd times, or just stopping your dog or pup from chewing your slippers. If you can relate to any of the problems mentioned above, Barx Buddy Device is the solution that you have been looking for. It is a device scientifically designed to train your pet dogs and avoid bad behaviour like excessive barking, chewing random stuff, digging, chasing, biting, and aggression. Barx Buddy uses ultrasonic sound waves that can be heard only by dogs or puppies only and instantly grabs their attention.


What Are the Common Causes of a Dog’s Barking?

Barking is the universal means of communication for dogs. They bark to express their emotions and feelings, to communicate with other dogs and with humans too. However, too much barking may indicate underlying issues like separation anxiety or aggressive behaviour and may create a problem for the owner as well as the people living in the surrounding. Some reasons for their barking may include:

  • Boredom: Dogs frequently tend to bark to snap out of boredom.
  • Being anxious when left alone: When left alone, dogs get anxious and start barking.
  • Fear: Dogs may bark due to the fear of loud noises caused by fireworks bursting, during lightning or thunderstorms, or heavy vehicles.
  • Territorial behaviour: Dogs bark when they see unfamiliar faces to warn the owners of intruders.
  • Attention seeking behaviour: To gain the attention of their owner and seek some love and care, dogs tend to bark.


How Does the BarxBuddy Work?

Traditional training methods like using sticks on dogs every time they do something out of the line is inhumane. Barx Buddy helps you train your beloved dogs without hurting them. The Barx Buddy device works by emitting a high-frequency sound, undetectable to the human ears. The high-frequency noise audible only to your pet dog instantly grabs their attention and distracts them. The sound waves used in the device make the product 100% harmless for both the dog and the trainer. The Barx Buddy device also comes with a high-powered LED flashlight, which adds a visual stimulus and can also double as a flashlight during late-night walks.


In case the audio stimulus isn’t as effective, you can also use the bright LED light in the Barx Buddy Device to distract your dog with the visual stimulus.

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What Makes the BarxBuddy Unique?

While there are several similar devices available in the market, Barx Buddy is unique. Unlike similar alternatives like shock collars, it does not harm your pets in any way even after repeated use. The Barx Buddy device has undergone several testings on various dogs under a variety of conditions. According to expert dog trainers, the safety of the pets along with features like easy installation and use make Barx Buddy the perfect partner to help train your pet dog.

Barx Buddy Pros Cons:

Based on Barx Buddy reviews and opinions of professional dog trainers, the device has the following pros and cons:


  • Non-violent training device
  • Works on all breeds
  • Recommended by certified dog trainers
  • Cost-effective
  • Shows immediate results
  • Does not need a special collar


  • Can be bought online only
  • Online supply might exhaust quickly

What Will You Pay for the BarxBuddy?

Barx Buddy costs $39 right now. This is a discounted offer price available for a limited period. With the rising popularity of the product and the rapidly depleting stocks, the price of the product will likely go back to its actual retail price that is twice the current price. As compared to other training products like shock collar or electric fence, this barking cessation device helps you control your dog in a budget-friendly and harmless manner. In addition to the pain that they cause to the dogs, devices like electric fences require a lot of maintenance and installation work. Barx Buddy device is a safer, budget-friendly device to help train and control your dog.



Final Verdict:

It is important to analyze the Barx Buddy reviews before concluding on buying the product. After going through the pros and cons of the product, it seems a good buy. You will not have to shell out a huge amount from your pockets to purchase it. It will be worth every penny. As the product is safe for use on animals, it has more pros than cons. We recommend this product to owners of dogs to help them lead an easier life.


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